Recorded Conversation Between GSK and Prominent Cardiologist Raises
Questions About Pharmaceutical Ethics and the Safety of Avandia
February, 22, 2010

Three years ago on May 10, 2007, just 11 days before cardiologist Dr. Steven E. Nissen published a landmark study that linked Avandia with a raised risk of heart attacks, Dr. Nissen met face to face with four executives of GSK, the maker of Avandia, in a private meeting. Dr. Nissen decided to secretly record the conversation and did not share the contents of the recording until recently during a sit down with the New York Times.

What was revealed in the recording has raised eyebrows regarding the science and ethics practiced by GSK, one of the world’s largest drug makers. Adding fuel to the scrutiny of Avandia is the recently released results of a Congressional inquiry into the diabetes drug, which has blamed GSK for threatening scientists who attempted to reveal the dangers associated with Avandia.

The congressional investigation also concluded that some government health officials want Avandia withdrawn from the market.

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